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Dr. Ronnie Doss

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My Approach

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL before moving to northern California after obtaining my doctorate degree in clinical psychology.  I share this information about being a black male from the inner city because I believe it highlights the origins and mission of my current practice at Accepting Psychology Counseling.  Here, the too often underserved and ignored individuals and conditions may find the support they have been lacking.       

Over the last decade, I have provided services in various settings: inpatient hospitals, outpatient medical clinics, correctional facilities, residential, and community mental health.  Although my current practice focuses on treating adults, I have worked with individuals of all ages,  who experienced several mental health factors. 

My approach comes from years of lived and training/career experiences that has evolved into what I like to call a “Relationally integrated cognitive-behavioral” method.  I draw from various cognitive and behavioral approaches while always maintaining sight of and utilizing the therapeutic relationship to help clients develop desired change. 


My life and career experiences has allowed me the precious opportunity to encounter people from numerous walks of life.  These experiences have provided me with a unique ability to provide a diverse clientele with a genuine understanding and nonjudgmental environment where they may safely explore, identify, and work through their most distressing concerns.  As stated in the current practice name, I'm accepting and mindful of the multicultural differences in race, ethnicity, gender, culture, etc as I aim to provide the best care.  

I work collaboratively with my clients to aid them on their personal journeys of self-actualization where they accomplish their goals en route to living their best life.

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