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Dr. Ronnie Doss

Counseling: Trauma/PTSD/Anxiety/Postpartum Depression/Grief/Insomnia

Specializing in Trauma/PTSD Treatment, Anxiety, Postpartum/Perinatal Depression and Distress, Grief/Loss, and Sleep Difficulties


Have you survived a trauma that keeps you in fear of experiencing another? Has a past incident continued to disrupt your present and future relationships? Has your body and mind reacted to seemingly novel situations with panic and stress? Then you may be experiencing an issue related to a past trauma that you could have experienced at some point in your life and that may benefit from treatment.  


Have you found yourself thinking more than acting? Missing opportunities and/or no longer doing things you used to find enjoyable? Have you noticed more body tension, headaches, breathing difficulties, or chest pains when presented with certain situations?  Or for seemingly no reason at all? 

Then you may be experiencing an anxiety issue in need of treatment.  

Perinatal Distress

Has your ideas surrounding pregnancy not been what you expected? Find yourself questioning whether you are a good parent because you don't feel the joy yourself or others tell you that you should? Maybe you have thoughts and images that scare you so much that you dare not say them aloud.  Well we urge you to say them aloud and get the support needed as you may be experiencing one of many perinatal mood and anxiety issue.    

Grief and Loss

Have you experienced or anticipate a loss or change that you just can't seem to get pass or understand? One that seems to be on your mind all the time? That has you crying or feeling like you want to cry? One that leads to feelings of anger, sadness, agitation, fear of being unable to cope, fear of the present and future?  You may benefit from from grief/loss treatment.  

Healing Stones
Sleep Difficulties

Have you had difficulty keeping your eyes open?  Staying on task or remembering them? Feeling fatigue and sleeping throughout the day? More irritable? This may be due to a lack of quality sleep that could be corrected through cognitive and behavioral intervention.


About Me

Dr. Ronnie Doss

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist.  I have been providing psychological services since 2010.  


I offer psychotherapy services virtually at this time, which allows me to provide care to people living throughout the entire state of California.  

At Accepting Psychology Counseling, the focus is on helping individuals and families through some of life's most universal and yet distressing experiences.  As a result, my primary treatment focuses on anxiety, postpartum/perinatal distress, grief and loss, as well as sleep difficulties such as insomnia.  

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